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Vermont's Fuel Assistance Program

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Updated December 1, 2022  

Fuel Funds Delivered

Vermont will spend more than $35 million to help heat approximately 20,000 low income households this winter. Half of those homes use oilheat, 20% are kerosene, and 15% are propane. The average benefit is about $1375 per household. Even with the extra money, the program is only expected to cover about a third of what the average household uses for heating fuel in the winter.

Fuel Dealers now have extra time to deliver the extra benefit. VFDA wrote a letter to the Fuel Assistance office asking for extra time for dealers to deliver the $625 supplemental benefit provided to oilheat and kerosene consumers earlier this year. This request was granted. If you still have some of that benefit on your books, you now have until February 15, 2023 to turn the cash into fuel. The fuel assistance office will send out a simplified reporting form which should be returned with any remaining funds by March 15.

VFDA formally asked the state of Vermont to increase the Margin Over Rack (MOR) price from 50-cents to 75-cents back in October.  Click here to read the request. This request was granted. 

Check out the posted MOR price here.  If you agreed to a discount off retail price and want to switch to MOR, there is still time to make the change. Go here to download all the paperwork you need.


The money can only be used for fuel delivered between November 1 and April 30. Benefits cannot be used for services, fees, repairs, special trip charges, start-ups, pressure tests, account interest, etc. If a customer is on a budget plan, the benefits should be applied, and plan payments adjusted as needed. Up to 17% of a client’s seasonal fuel assistance benefit can be applied to a back balance prior to November 1st, but ONLY with the customer’s permission AND only if the customer enters into a repayment agreement for any outstanding balance.

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