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Vermont Election Analysis

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November 9, 2022  

The statewide contests on November 8 ended as expected with Republican Governor Phil Scott winning re-election by 30 points and every other open position on the statewide ballot going to a Democratic candidate. The closest down ticket race was for Lt Governor, but David Zuckerman still beat Joe Benning by 11 points.

Becca Balint is Vermont’s new Representative in Congress. She trounced Republican Liam Madden by about 100,000 votes. The US. Senate vote was even more definitive. Peter Welch will become Vermont’s next U.S. Senator after defeating Republican Gerald Malloy by 40 points.

Democrats remain firmly in control in Montpelier, holding a super-majority in both chambers. In the Senate, 23 of the 30 seats are held by Democrats. In the House, a Democratic or Dem/Progressive candidate won 109 of the 150 seats. Republicans claimed 38 seats, Independents got 3. Two of the independents who were re-elected vote regularly with the Democratic majority.

The results make it increasingly more difficult for Governor Scott  to successfully veto legislation that he doesn't like.  Earlier this year, the House failed to override a veto of the “Clean Heat” regulation by just one vote. The Democrats will have all the votes they need in January.

Some notable losses for the Republican Party in the House and Senate:

Ben/Rutland:  Robin Chestnut-Tangerman defeated incumbent Sally Achey

Orange: Carl Demrow defeated incumbent Samantha LeFebvre

Orleans: Katherine Sims defeated incumbent Vicki Strong

Franklin:  Mike McCarthy fended off a challenge from Joe Luneau

Lamoille: Saudia Lamont won an open seat from Nichole Loati

Chittenden County: Leland Morgan lost to Irene Wrenner

Orange County: John Klar lost to incumbent Senator Mark MacDonald

The two articles on the ballot also passed overwhelmingly. Vermont is the first state to enshrine abortion rights into its constitution with more than 70% of voters in support of Proposition 5. Proposition 2 also passed with nearly 90% of the vote. The measure amends the constitution to repeal language stating that persons could be held as "servants, slaves or apprentices.”